American Wisconsin Ginseng Root Honey Tea

American Wisconsin Ginseng Root Honey Tea
Item# american-wisconsin-ginseng-root-honey-tea

Product Description

18-8.5g teabags

*This premium product has been carefully processed, blended and packaged for your enjoyment from one of the highest valued ginsengs and the top grade American honey. Our top grade honey enjoys a reputation for being very viscous and having a delicate flavor. It is a delightful form light honey which is suitable for tea sweetener. Ginseng is perhaps the world's best-known herb. Of all the herbs renowned for health benefits, it is hard to find any whose name is better known than ginseng. American ginseng is consider less "Yang", or stimulating in nature than its Asian sibling. Its exclusive properties, the Rb ginsenosides, for example, are double the potency compared to Korean ginseng.

Ingredients: Top grade American honey crystal, American ginseng root and frutus sophorae.

Tea brewing instruction: Hot: place the filter bag in a cup, or in a warmed pot. Add 4 fl. oz. boiling water. Leave for about 3-5 minutes to bring out full flavor. Honey is added to enhance the pleasant, delicate taste. Iced: for a frosty glass of refreshing iced tea, pour 1/2 cup(4 fl. oz.) of boiling water over the teabag. Steep 3-5 minutes. Stir, remove teabag, cool and pour over ice cubes.

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