Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan / White Phoenix Black Chicken Pill

Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan / White Phoenix Black Chicken Pill
Item# bai-feng-wan

Product Description

Multiple herb formula with bone meal and oyster shell

10-5g wax capsule(50 herbal pills) Made by Famous Pharmaceutical Company Beijing Tong Ren Tang

*This is a traditional Chinsese patent medicine specially for women's health associated with menstration discomfort.

Description: Dark bronw to black water-honeyed pills; taste sweet and slightly bitter.

Ingredients: Honey, black chicken bone meal, oyster shell and a concentrated herbal extract of: foxglove root, angleica root, ginseng root, nutgrass rhizome, peony root, scarlet root, lovage root, Chinese asparagus root, licorice root and stellaria root.

Direction: As a herbal supplement for women, take the content of one was capsule with warm water 2 times a day.

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