Bronchial Care / Zhi Ke Wan

Bronchial Care / Zhi Ke Wan
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36 pills (325mg each)

*Bronchial Care(Zhi Ke Wan) was formulated by a famous Yunnan herbalist in 1908 during Qing Dynasty. All of the ingredients were carefully selected and blend into this remedy. Since then, herbalists have been used it for promoting lung health. Herbalist believe the unique formula offers herbal nutrients to support the body's natural balance, helps maintain bronchial function and a healthy respiratory system.

Supplement Fact: serving size: 6 pills.

Proprietary blend(1950mg) of tendrileaf fritillary, platycodon root, perilla leaf, whiteflower hogfennel root, tangerine peel, bitter orange, indian bread root, pinellia tuber, fourleaf ladybell root.

Other Ingredients: corn starch.

Direction: Take 6 pills 2 times a day with warm water as dietary supplement.

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