Gejie Essence(Extract)

Gejie Essence(Extract)
Item# gejie-essenceextract

Product Description

10-10ml liquid vials

*This extract help to improve kidney nutrition, blood tonic, strengthen for liver and kidney, invigorating sperm, strengthen sinews and bones, spleen and stomach.

Ingredients: Gejie, radix rehmanniae, corfex eucommiae(Eucommia), radix codonopsis pilosulae(Codonopsis), herba cistanches, radix morindae, radix astragali(Astragalus), polygonatum sibiycium and lycium chimense(Goji berry).

Direction: Twice daily, 1 vial each time. Best if use in morning or before sleep. Shake well before serve.

Caution: Not suitable for people with "Yin" deficiency

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