Gymnema Tea Specially Formulated For Diabetics

Gymnema Tea Specially Formulated For Diabetics
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100 teabags

100% natural, no caffeine, contain 48% gymnema sylvestre.

*Gymnema sylvestre is one of Gynema tea's main ingredients, which has been grown wildly in Southern India. It is a kind of vine that attached with the bushes or trees. Ancient Indian herbal doctors have used this herb for 2000 years and found the herb is very safe. Because gymnema sylvestre's unique properties, it has been recognized by herbalists as one of the most beneficial herbs for diabetics. Besides the gymnema sylvestre, this tea is also formulated with other selected herbs such as the psidium guajave, gynostemma pentaphyllum and ganoderma lucidum. All of those herbs are optimized for diabetics as their paticular dietary supplement. This tea is 100% natural, safe and without side effect. The taste of this tea is very pleasant.

Ingredients: Gynema Sylvestre(960mg), Psidium guajava(Guava fruit & leaves)(640mg), gynostemma pentaphyllum(5 leaf ginseng)(340mg), ganoderma lucidum(Lingzhi)(60mg).

Direction: Steep tea bag(s) in a cup of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. At summer, this tea can be made to ice tea by adding ice cubes. Since it contains no caffeine, it can be served at any time of the day. 1 to 5 teabags a day recommended.

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