Hsu's American Ginseng Root Tea

Hsu's American Ginseng Root Tea
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20 Teabags. Product of Wisconsin U.S.A.

100% natural, no additives, caffeine and sugar.

Hsu's ginseng tea only uses 100% pure Wisconsin grown American Ginseng root to make teas. American Ginseng is traditionally used to increase energy, relieve stress, enhance the immune system and provide overall health. This product is intended for long-term use.

Savor the aroma of our regular American Ginseng Tea. Enjoy a cup of this tea every day to feel the difference 100% American Ginseng can make.

Direction: Steep one bag in one tea cup of hot water for 3-5 minutes and serve. One tea bag may be rebrewed 2-3 times. Honey or another sweetenr may be added to taste. Tea may be served hot or cold. Can also use tea bag for daily cooking such as in soups and stews.

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