Korean Ginseng Lingzhi(Ganoderma) Tea

Korean Ginseng Lingzhi(Ganoderma) Tea
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Product Description

Korean Ginseng Lingzhi(Reishi/Ganoderma) Tea

100-2g teabas Made In Seoul, South Korea

This great Korean Ginseng tea is manufactured by Dongwon Korean Ginseng Co. LTD. in Seoul, South Korea, where the best kind of korean giseng is produced becaue if south korean's proprietary Korean ginseng manufacturing process.

Ingredients: Korean ginseng and Lingzhi extract granules.

Active Ingredients of Korean Ginseng: Ginsenoside, Panaxynol, Elemene, Monosaccharide, Polysaccharide and Amino acid.

*Function And Effect:

1. Increase physical and mental stamina.

2. Improve circulatory system function, help adjust blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

3. Improve respiratory system function and improve immunity and digestive function.

4. Improve Kidney fucntion and sexual desire.

Acitve Ingridients of Lingzhi (Ganoderma Lucidum): Polysaccharides, Triterpenoids, Ganoderma acid, Ganoderic acid Amino acid and Protein.

*Function and Effect:

1. Help to improve the immunity system and fight against cancer and infection.

2. Help to relieve allgegy sympton.

3. Help to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level.

4. Help to fight against asthma.

Use Direction: Dissove the content of 1 bag or more in either hot or cold water, add honey or sweetener if desired.

Condition: Brand New In Sealed Bags.

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