Pai Yi Kaw Loquat Syrup

Pai Yi Kaw Loquat Syrup
Item# Pai-Yi-Kaw-Loquat-Syrup1

Product Description

15 convenient serving travel package.

Made in Taiwan.

This is a cough syrup with all natural ingredients, fast, effective and deliciou taste and support and maintain a healthy throat. Its serving is individually wrapped which is great for people on the go.

Supplement fact: Serving size: 1 pack.

Lo Han kuo: 2500mg, loquat: 1000mg, Chinese bellflower: 150mg, polygala sibirica: 150mg, fritillary: 150mg, chrysanthemum: 100mg, citrus: 100mg, pinellia: 150mg, trichosanthes seed: 150mg, citrus peel: 100mg, ginger: 100mg, bee honey: 800mg.

Other ingredients: bitter almond oil, menthol, maltose, honey, sucrose, peach oil, cherry oil, strawberry oil, distilled water.

Suggested Daily Use: for adult, take one packet three times daily, with or without water.

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