Peaceful Pericardium / An Gong Hui Huang Wan(pill)

Peaceful Pericardium / An Gong Hui Huang Wan(pill)
Item# peaceful-pericardium--an-gong-hui-huang-wanpill

Product Description

Made by Beijing Tong Ren Tang Pharmaceutical

Golen honeyed pills, but orange to reddish brown inside, rich fragrant taste, slightly bitter.

*This is a famous Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine used to clear away heat, detoxify, relieve convulsion and resuscitate and is used for emergency conditon such as heat-symdrome, the pathogenic heat intervening the interior, apoplexy, accumulation of phlegm, sustained high fever, lockjaw, convulsions, coma and delirium.

Ingredients: (content per 3g) calculus bovis 168mg, moschus 42 mg, margarita 84mg, rhizoma coptidis 168mg, radix scutellariae 168mg, fructus gardeniae 168mg, radix curcumae 168mg, borneolum syntheticum 42mg and mel et assistant 1992mg.

Usage and dosage: to take orally, 1 pill, 1 time a day, 1/4 pill for children under 3 years of age, 1/2 pill for children 4-6 years of age; don't use it for over 3 days; or follow the physician's advice.

Precaution: used with caution in pregnancy.

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