Pi Yi Kaw-Children Loquat Syrup

Pi Yi Kaw-Children Loquat Syrup
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Pai Yi Kaw-Children Loquat Syrup Great taste, soothing action. N. W. 420 gm Extra large bottle Made in Taiwain *This loquat syrup is great for children because it tastes great and will help to relieve sore throat, cough, asthma and excess phlegm.

Ingredients: Loquat leaves, pear, jujube, nelumbinis meat, fritillary, nelumbinis nuciferae nodus, sucrose, bee honey, methol, strawberry oil, peach oil and distilled water.

Direction: For age under 8, 1/2 spoon twice a day. For age over 8, 1 spoon twice a day. with or without water. Spoon inside is 10 gm.

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