Specific Lumbaglin

Specific Lumbaglin
Item# specific-lumbaglin

Product Description

24 capsules

*Specific Lumbaglin supports the health of the kidneys, liver, muscles, tendons, joints, circulatory system and spine.

Supplement Facts: serving size 2 capsules

Eucommia bark 420mg, Dong Quai root 420mg, Morinda Root, 420mg, Achyranthes root 283mg, Fragrant Angelica root 283mg, Mulberry mistletoe herb 228mg, Prepared Typhonium 173mg, Safflower 145mg, Large leaf gentian root 145mg, Drynaria Rhizome 145mg, Pubescent Angelica root 90mg.

Other Ingredients: gelatin, water, color including titanium dioxide, blue 1 and yellow 5.

Direction: Take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day(mouring, noon and evening)with boilded and cooled water.

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