American Wild Ginseng Tea

American Wild Ginseng Tea
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Product Description

20-3g teabags

*American ginseng root is well know for reducing the "Heat" in the body, relieving prolonged mental stress and improving intellectual preformance. It is suitable for all people in all seasons. This wild American ginseng tea has been carefully selected, processed and packaged for your superior nutritional enjoyment from the rarest and highest value wild American ginseng roots in the world and top grade American ginseng roots from Wisconsin. Naturally undisturbed grown in the forest, the wild American ginseng contains all the ginsenosides which some of them won't develop until the plant is over 20 years old. Wild American ginseng is very rare becasue it grows only in forest and it takes 10-20 years for them to grow.

Ingredients: Wild American Ginseng root, American Ginseng root, Glucose.

Brewing Instruction: For the perfect cup of tea, dissolve the contents of one tea packet in a cup(4fl. oz.) of either hot or cold water.

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