Yunnan Baiyao Powder / Yunnan White Drug

Yunnan Baiyao Powder / Yunnan White Drug
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4g powder, also include 1 pill for sudden condition.

*Yunna Baiyao is an all-natural herbal supplement which has been used by herbalist and acupuncturist over one hundred years in China for promoting blood circulation, stop bleeding and stop stagnant blood clog.

Ingredients: Ajuga forrestii diels, dioscoreae parviflora ting, herba geranii and herba erodii, herba inulae cappae, radix notoginseng(Tienchi Ginseng) rhizoma disoscoreae nipponicae, rhizoma dioscoreae(Chinese Yam).

Direction: To be taken orally. For adult, 0.25g-0.50g each time. 4 times daily.

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